The churches of Christ Greet You (Romans 16:16)



Let us pray


Father, we humble ourselves in your sight and glorify your most holy name.


We thank you and praise you for allowing us to serve in your vineyard.


We thank you for Jesus who lived and died to make our life possible.


We thank you for your Holy Spirit who lives in us by faith.


We thank you for the forgiveness of sins that you have given us in Christ.


We thank you for the church wherein you have saved our souls.


We thank you for the hope of Eternal life.


We thank you for each of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Please help us understand your powerful word as we study.


Help us to apply your teachings to our lives and teach them to others.


Use us to help the lost world come to know you and your Son Jesus, the Christ.


In the Name of the Creator of all things…


By the authority of Jesus we pray.


Let us all say, AMEN!



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