The churches of Christ Greet You (Romans 16:16)




Let us pray…


Holy Father, we humbly bow before You in earnest praise of Your Holy Name.


We sing the new song of Moses and the Lamb as we glorify Your Precious Name.


We are thankful that we are Your people – Christians.


We are thankful for every Christian in the world.


We humbly ask You now Father to use us,


as Your Christian people,


to take back this world from Satan


and give it unto Christ, the rightful owner.


Use us as evangelists to teach and spread Your word boldly without fear.


Use us as elders to feed Your people the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Use us as deacons to serve with our whole heart the special service You have given us to do.


Use us as Christians to show the love of Christ in our lives.


We thank You Father, for allowing us to call You our Father.


We are thankful for Your Spirit Who lives in us.


We know He is bearing witness with our spirit that You are our Father.


We know He is helping us with our prayers.

We are thankful for our beloved big brother – Jesus.


We are thankful that He is our best friend and marvelous Savior.

We are thankful for the home in Heaven You have prepared for us.


Father, as we read and study the below lessons from Your word,


we ask You to bless each of us


with a greater understanding of who we are as Christians.

When we understand better, we beg You to use us

in a greater way to fulfill Your will for our life.

Use us to teach the lost and build each other up,

as we give ALL glory to You.


In the Name of the One who died for us, but is alive forever more…


by the authority of Jesus the Christ, we pray.


Let us all say: AMEN!





1. We Persuade You To Be
A Christian


2. A Christian Is God's

3. A Christian Is God's


4. A Christian Is God's

5. A Christian Is God's


6. A Christian Is God's

7. A Christian Is God's
Purchased Possession

8. A Christian Is God's
Plan For Unity


9. How To Be Just
A Christian








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