A Bible Study


Part 1: The Savior and Salvation


ABS 1-1   Matthew 1:21

Did Jesus come to save His people

from their sins?                                                  Yes        No


ABS 1-2   Matthew 8:16, 26; 14:19-21

Did the Lord Jesus cast out devils,

heal the sick, rule over nature,

and feed the multitudes miraculously?            Yes        No


ABS 1-3   Mark 1:17

Did Jesus come to make His disciples

knights in shining armor?                                  Yes        No


ABS 1-4   Mark 5:35-43; 6:47-48

Did the Son of God raise the dead

and walk on the water?                                     Yes        No


ABS 1-5   Luke 24:44

Did Christ come to fulfill the Old Testament

Scriptures concerning Himself?                       Yes        No


ABS 1-6   John 1:17

Did Christ come to this world to give us

the Law of Moses and Grace?                         Yes        No


ABS 1-7   John 1:29

Did Jesus, the Lamb of God, come to take

away the sin of the world?                                Yes        No


ABS 1-8   John 2:5-9; 9:1, 6-7

Did Christ Jesus change water into wine

and open the eyes of a man born blind?        Yes        No


ABS 1-9   John 3:16

Did God give His Son, Jesus, so that we

could have eternal life?                                     Yes        No


ABS 1-10   John 10:10

Did the Savior come to give us material

blessings only?                                                  Yes        No


ABS 1-11   John 14:6

Is Jesus the only way to the Father

in heaven?                                                          Yes        No


ABS 1-12   John 20:30-31

Did Jesus come doing signs (miracles) so

that we might believe He is the Christ,

the Son of God?                                                Yes        No


ABS 1-13   Acts 2:36

Did the Savior come to this world to be

crucified and made Lord and Christ?              Yes        No


ABS 1-14   Romans 1:1-4

Was Jesus declared Godís Son by

His resurrection from the dead?                       Yes        No


ABS 1-15   I Corinthians 15:1-4

The facts of the Gospel, according

to the Apostle Paul, are the death,

burial, and ______________________

of Jesus Christ for our sins.


ABS 1-16   II Corinthians 3:5-6

Did Christ come to the world to make us

ministers (servants) of the Old Covenant?     Yes        No


ABS 1-17   Galatians 1:3-4

Did Christ come to this world to give

Himself for our sins?                                         Yes        No


ABS 1-18   Ephesians 2:8-9

Did Christ come to this world so we

could earn our salvation?                                 Yes        No


ABS 1-19   Ephesians 2:13-14

Did Christ come to remove the wall or

barrier separating the Jew and Gentile?         Yes        No


ABS 1-20   Philippians 2:5-8

Did Christ come to this world to

obey the Father and die on the cross?           Yes        No


ABS 1-21   Colossians 1:13-14

Christ came to this world to deliver us

from the power of _______________.

In Him we have _______________ ,

even the ________________ of sins.


ABS 1-22   I Thessalonians 4:16-17;

I Corinthians 15:24

Will Christ return us to Himself and

the Father when He comes again?                 Yes        No


ABS 1-23   II Thessalonians 1:7-9

Will Christ come back again to bless

those who do not obey His Gospel?               Yes        No


ABS 1-24   I Timothy 1:15

Did Christ Jesus come into the world to

save sinners?                                                     Yes        No


ABS 1-25   II Timothy 2:10

Is our salvation obtained in Christ Jesus?      Yes        No


ABS 1-26   Titus 2:11

Did Christ (Godís Grace) come to the world

to bring salvation (eternal life)?                        Yes        No


ABS 1-27   Philemon 5-6

Did Christ come so that we might share

our love and faith with others?                         Yes        No


ABS 1-28   Hebrews 2:9

Did Jesus come to die for everyone?              Yes        No


ABS 1-29   Hebrews 5:9

Did the Lord come to be the author of

eternal salvation to those who do

not obey Him?                                                    Yes        No


ABS 1-30   James 1:22

Are we to be hearers and doers of

the Word of God?                                              Yes        No


ABS 1-31   I Peter 2:9

Are you in darkness if you are not in

Christís marvelous light?                                   Yes        No


ABS 1-32   II Peter 1:4

Can we have the Lordís great and

precious promises if we remain prisoners

of worldly lust and corruption?                         Yes        No


ABS 1-33   I John 1:7

Are we continually cleansed by the blood

of Christ when we walk in the light and

have fellowship with Christ and

one another?                                                      Yes        No


ABS 1-34   II John 6

Is Christian love shown when one lives

by the commandments and teachings

of men?                                                               Yes        No


ABS 1-35   III John 3-4

Did the Apostle John rejoice when Godís

people walked in the truth?                                Yes        No


ABS 1-36   Jude 4

Are there ungodly men who will deny the

only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ?     Yes        No


ABS 1-37   Revelation 22:12-13

Did the Lord say He is the Beginning and

End of everything?                                            Yes        No




The Savior and Salvation


ABS WK 1-1

Can you have eternal life without Christ

in your life?                                                         Yes        No


ABS WK 1-2

Can you do anything at all to earn salvation

for yourself or your family?                               Yes        No


ABS WK 1-3

Do you believe that Jesus Christ came

to die for you?                                                    Yes        No


ABS WK 1-4

Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ,

the Son of God?                                                Yes        No


ABS WK 1-5

Will Jesus return one day to take His

people to Heaven?                                            Yes        No


ABS WK 1-6

Can you be saved without obeying

the Word of God?                                              Yes        No


ABS WK 1-7

How can you prove your love for the Lord?



A Bible Study



Part 2: The Authority of Christ

and the Word of God



ABS 2-1   Matthew 28:18-20

Did Jesus say He has been given all

authority (power) in heaven and on earth?     Yes        No  


Name three things Christ commanded
His Apostles to do by His authority.

_______, __________, __________


ABS 2-2   John 12:48

Will the Words of Christ judge you on the

last day?                                                             Yes        No


ABS 2-3   John 16:13

Did Jesus say that the Holy Spirit would

guide the Apostles into some of the truth?     Yes        No


ABS 2-4   Romans 1:16

Is the Gospel of Christ the power of God

unto Salvation?                                                  Yes        No


ABS 2-5   I Corinthians 1:18, 21

Does the message of the cross save those

who believe?                                                      Yes        No


ABS 2-6   Galatians 1:6-9

Has Christ, the Father in heaven, or

an angel given us permission to pervert

or change the Gospel of Christ?                      Yes        No


Is it possible to turn away from the original

Gospel to a false one?                                      Yes        No


ABS 2-7   Galatians 1:11-12

Did the Apostle Paul receive the Gospel

from philosophers or other man-made

teachings?                                                          Yes        No


ABS 2-8   Galatians 6:2; Hebrews 5:8-9

Are we to be obedient to the Law of Moses? Yes        No


ABS 2-9   Colossians 2:8

Are the traditions of men according

to Christ?                                                            Yes        No


ABS 2-10   II Thessalonians 1:7-9

Will the Lord take vengeance on those

who do not know God nor obey

the Gospel of Christ?                                        Yes        No


ABS 2-11   II Timothy 2:15

Is it important to handle accurately the Word

of Truth?                                                             Yes        No


How does one do that? _____________


ABS 2-12   II Timothy 3:15-17

Do the Holy Scriptures come from God?        Yes        No


Can the Scriptures give us wisdom?               Yes        No


Can the Scriptures lead one to salvation?      Yes        No


Can one be spiritually complete or adequate

using only the Scriptures?                                Yes        No


ABS Reward Instruction


Doctrine or Teaching - How to get going

on the right way


Reproof - How I got off the right way


Correction - How to get back on the right way


Instruction or training in righteousness Ė

How to keep going on the right way


ABS 2-13   II Peter 1:3-4

Has God granted to us everything we need

for life and godliness?                                       Yes        No


Has God completely revealed His will

to man?                                                               Yes        No


Does life and godliness include Godís

precious and magnificent promises?              Yes        No


ABS 2-14   II Peter 1:20-21

Did the writers of the Scriptures record their

own ideas as to what God was saying?          Yes        No


Through whom did the holy men of God

speak as they completely revealed His will

to us? __________  ____________


A modern day voice may be declaring,

ďI have a new revelation and another

testament from God.Ē A religious counselor,

speaker, or group of people may be saying,

ďObey our religious instruction and doctrine

and you shall have eternal life and

everlasting happiness.Ē


Should a believer give heed to the above

voices?                                                               Yes        No


In order to have life and godliness, do you

need anything other than what God offers

in the Scriptures?                                               Yes        No


If someone comes to you and offers a new

revelation or another testament, do you

need it?                                                               Yes        No


ABS 2-15   Revelation 22:18-19

According to this passage, what two things

must we never do to Godís Word?

____________ and _______________


What are the consequences of going beyond

the Scriptures according to this passage?



ABS 2-16   Revelation 12:9;

II Corinthians 11:3-4

Do the Scriptures teach that the devil can

deceive you into believing a different or

false Gospel?                                                   Yes        No


ABS 2-17   Leviticus 10:1-3

Did God approve of the changes made

by two Old Testament priests,

Nadab and Abihu?                                            Yes        No


ABS 2-18   Proverbs 16:25

Is there a way of life that seems right

to men, but leads to death?                              Yes        No




The Authority of Christ and

The Word of God


ABS WK 2-1

Do you need other so-called revelations

outside the Gospel of Christ to make you

complete spiritually?                                          Yes        No                                                        


Why or why not? ___________________


ABS WK 2-2

Must an accountable person obey the

teachings of Christ to be saved?                     Yes        No


ABS WK 2-3

What will happen to and be the eternal destiny

of all who refuse to obey Christ and His Word?



ABS WK 2-4

Do you plan to set aside time to study the

Word of God each day?                                    Yes        No


ABS WK 2-5

How would you compare the way of life

that leads to death with the life that

Christ can give you?





A Bible Study

Part 3: The Law of Moses

and the Ten Commandments



ABS 3-1   Exodus 34:27-29

Did God make a covenant with Moses

and the Jews (Israel)?                                       Yes        No  


Physically, were you born a Jew (Israelite)
or a Gentile? _________________


Did God make this covenant with

the Gentiles?                                                      Yes        No


Did this covenant include the

Ten Commandments?                                      Yes        No


Did Moses receive the two tablets

on Mount Sinai?                                                 Yes        No


ABS 3-2   John 1:17

Was the Law given through the

prophet Moses?                                                 Yes        No


Did Grace and Truth come through

Jesus Christ?                                                     Yes        No


ABS 3-3   Ephesians 2:11-18

What were the Gentiles called by the

Jews (the Circumcision)? ______________


Were the Gentiles in a covenant relationship

with God under the Law of Commandments

and the Old Covenant?                                     Yes        No


How does the Apostle Paul describe the

Gentiles during the Old Covenant period?



Did the Law of Commandments put a barrier

or wall between the Jews and the Gentiles?  Yes        No


Did Christ abolish or take away in His flesh

the Law of Commandments that separated

the Jew and Gentile?                                        Yes        No


How were the Gentiles brought near to

God? ___________________________


Did Christ make peace between the Jews

and Gentiles through His life and death?        Yes        No


Did Christ make the two groups, Jew and

Gentile, into two separate religions?                Yes        No


Did Christ put the Jew and Gentile into

many bodies through His  cross?                    Yes        No


How do the Jew and Gentile now gain

access to the Father in heaven?  



Does God want Jews and Gentiles to obey

the Law of Commandments today?                Yes        No


ABS 3-4   Colossians 2:13-14

Did Christ cancel out the Law or the

certificate of debt by nailing it to His cross?    Yes        No


Before the law was cancelled were the

Gentiles dead in their transgressions?            Yes        No


Has Christ now made us alive and forgiven

us all our transgressions through Him?           Yes        No


ABS 3-5   Romans 10:1-4

Did the Law of Moses end with Christ?           Yes        No


Does being right with God now depend

upon your faith in Christ?                                  Yes        No


ABS 3-6   Hebrews 8:6-7, 13

Do the Scriptures teach that there in an

Old and New Covenant?                                  Yes        No


Is our New Covenant with Christ inferior to

the Law of Moses or first covenant?               Yes        No


Who is the mediator of a better covenant?



Does our New Covenant with Christ have

better promises than the first covenant?         Yes        No


Did Christ make the second covenant

obsolete?                                                            Yes        No


ABS 3-7   Galatians 3:19-27

Was the Old Law a tutor or schoolmaster to

bring the Jew to faith in Christ?                        Yes        No


Were the Jews under the Old Law before

faith came in Jesus Christ?                              Yes        No


Can all (Jews and Gentiles) become

children of God through faith in Christ?           Yes        No


Do all put on Christ through obedience to

the Law of Moses?                                            Yes        No


Can a Jew and Gentile become a child of

God through faith in Christ without

the Law of Moses?                                            Yes        No


ABS 3-8   Hebrews 9:14-18

Did Christ die that all may serve

the living God?                                                   Yes        No


Is Christ the mediator of the New Covenant? Yes        No


Did Christ die that all (Jew and Gentile) may

receive the promise of eternal inheritance?    Yes        No


Did the New Testament (New Covenant)

come into force when Jesus died

on the cross?                                                     Yes        No


Was the 1st or 2nd covenant dedicated

without blood?                                                    Yes        No




The Law of Moses and

the Ten Commandments


ABS WK 3-1

Did Jesus take away the first covenant

when He died on the cross at Calvary?          Yes        No


ABS WK 3-2

Did Christ put both Jew and Gentile

into the one body?                                             Yes        No


ABS WK 3-3

Were the Gentiles brought near to God by

the blood of sacrificed calves and goats?      Yes        No


ABS WK 3-4

Did Christ provide only one access or

entrance to the Father in heaven?                   Yes        No


ABS WK 3-5

Can anyone today go to Heaven by

obeying the Law of Moses?                             Yes        No


A Bible Study

Part 4: Becoming a New Testament

Christian and Disciple of Jesus Christ






ABS 4-1   Matthew 7:21-23

Must you do the will of God to enter

heaven?                                                              Yes        No


Will doing many good works alone get

you into heaven?                                               Yes        No


Can you go to hell even if you do many

good works?                                                       Yes        No


Will Christ welcome those who do not do

the will of the Father into heaven?                   Yes        No


ABS 4-2   Romans 10:13-14

Will you be saved if you call on the name

of the Lord?                                                        Yes        No


How do you call on the name of the Lord?



ABS 4-3   Acts 22:16

How does one call on the name of the Lord

according to the Scriptures?  ___________



ABS 4-4   Colossians 3:16; Psalm 119:11

Does God desire the Word of Christ

to dwell in you?                                                  Yes        No


Why? ________________________


ABS 4-5   Romans 10:17

Does faith come by hearing

the Word of God?                                              Yes        No


ABS 4-6   John 12:48

Will the Word of Moses judge you on

the last day?                                                       Yes        No


Does any person or persons, churches,

clubs or other organizations have the

right to change the Word of Christ

(the Scriptures)?                                                Yes        No


If 500 religious persons, groups, churches,

ministers, evangelists, teachers, laymen,

pastors, disciple leaders, elders, deacons,

priests, presidents, apostles, prophets,

angels, witnesses, superintendents,

bishops, archbishops, popes, philosophers,

statesmen, senators, chieftains, seers,

witches, gurus, palm readers, or ward

leaders teach 500 different things,

thoughts, opinions, or doctrines on the

subjects of the church, salvation, becoming

a Christian, and eternal life and death,

where are you going to find what is the truth?



How do you feel about balancing your

destiny, spirituality, future, and eternal

life with the people mentioned above?



ABS 4-7   John 14:6

Is there only one Way, one Truth,

and one Life?                                                     Yes        No


Are Christ and His Word the way to the

Father in heaven?                                             Yes        No


Many religious leaders are saying,

ďFollow us! We are the truth!Ē What will

you say or do if these people claim to

be the Way?



ABS 4-8   John 6:68

Does Christ have the words of eternal life?    Yes        No


ABS 4-9   Colossians 1:9-10

Does God desire that you be filled

with the knowledge of His will?                         Yes        No


Will this knowledge help you please

God and walk in all of His ways?                     Yes        No


Will you be fruitful in every good work

when you are increasing in the

knowledge of God?                                           Yes        No


ABS 4-10   Acts 17:11

Should you receive the Word with

eagerness and all readiness of mind?            Yes        No


How often should you examine the

Scriptures ?



Does study of the Scriptures

prepare you for eternal life?                             Yes        No


ABS 4-11   II Timothy 3:15-17

Can you learn the way of salvation

through the Scriptures?                                     Yes        No


Can the Scriptures prepare you

thoroughly for every good work?                     Yes        No


Does faith come by the Holy Scriptures?        Yes        No


ABS 4-12   II Thessalonians 2:13-14

Are you called for salvation through the

Holy Scriptures?                                                Yes        No


ABS 4-13   Jeremiah 15:16

Is it possible to eat the Words of God?           Yes        No




ABS 4-14   Romans 10:17

Can one have faith in the Lord without

the Word of God?                                              Yes        No


ABS 4-15   Hebrews 11:1

What is faith? _____________________



ABS 4-16   Hebrews 11:6

Can you please God without faith in God?     Yes        No


Do you have a faith that pleases God?           Yes        No


How do you know?_________________


ABS 4-17   John 3:16

Is it Godís will that you believe in Christ?        Yes        No


Will you perish if you do not believe

in the Son of God?                                            Yes        No


ABS 4-18   John 8:24

Will you be saved if you do not believe

that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?               Yes        No


Can you be forgiven of your sins

if you donít believe in Jesus?                           Yes        No


Do you believe Jesus is Godís Son?              Yes        No


ABS 4-19   Mark 16:15-16

Must you believe the Gospel to be saved?    Yes        No


ABS 4-20   Galatians 3:26-29

Must you have faith to become

a child of God?                                                   Yes        No


Do those who are one in Christ

have faith in Him?                                              Yes        No


ABS 4-21   Luke 6:46

Is it Godís will that you believe

in Christ and do His will?                                   Yes        No




ABS 4-22   John 14:15, 23-24

Is it Godís will that you believe

Christ and His Word, and love Him?                Yes        No


Will Christ and His Father come

into your life if you keep (obey) His word?      Yes        No


ABS 4-23   I John 2:15-17

Is the love of the Father in you if you

love the world and the things in the world?     Yes        No


ABS 4-24   I John 4:8

Is God love?                                                       Yes        No


ABS 4-25   I John 4:19

Did God love us first?                                        Yes        No


ABS 4-26   Romans 5:8

Did God wait until His Son died

for us before He loved us?                               Yes        No




ABS 4-27   I John 3:4; 5:17

Is sin a transgression of Godís law?                Yes        No


Is almost all unrighteousness sin?                   Yes        No


ABS 4-28   I John 1:8-10; Romans 3:23

Does the Bible teach that everyone has

sin in their life?                                                   Yes        No


Do the Scriptures say that all have sinned?   Yes        No


Does this include you?                                      Yes        No


Give an example why you believe

this includes you. ___________________


ABS 4-29   Romans 6:23

Is the payment or wages for sin eternal life?  Yes        No


ABS 4-30   John 3:14-17

Will ďfaith onlyĒ free you from sin?                    Yes        No


ABS 4-31   Matthew 7:21-23

Did Jesus say we must do the will

of His Father in heaven?                                  Yes        No


Do you want to go to heaven?                         Yes        No

Letís Pray


ABS 4-32   Acts 2:36-38

Does the Bible command those

interested in doing the will of God

to repent to receive the forgiveness

(remission) of sins?                                           Yes        No


Must you repent if you want to receive

forgiveness?                                                      Yes        No


ABS 4-33   Acts 3:19

What will God do to your sins when you

sincerely repent of them? __________


ABS 4-34   Acts 17:30

Does God command everyone to repent?     Yes        No


Will God overlook ignorance today?                Yes        No


Will running away to another place,

state, or city save you if you do not

repent of your sins?                                           Yes        No


Can money save you if you do not

repent of your sins?                                           Yes        No


Will muscular power, famous people,

worldly facts, education, or other

information save you if you do not

repent of your sins?                                           Yes        No


ABS 4-35   Luke 13:3; Matthew 21:28-30

In addition to belief (faith) and love,

is it Godís will that you repent?                         Yes       No


What does it mean to repent?



Have you repented of your sins?                     Yes        No


Would you like to do that right now?                Yes        No

Letís Pray


ABS 4-36   II Corinthians 7:10

Does repentance mean to stop sinning

and turn to God instead of sorrow alone?       Yes        No


What are the visible results of your



How would you know that you have

repented of your sins? _______________



Is sorrow by itself true repentance?                 Yes        No


What is the difference between

Godly sorrow and worldly sorrow?



What will the sorrow of the world produce?



Are you now saved by your faith,

love, and repentance alone?                            Yes        No



To help us realize what God has done

for us and what we are doing to Him,

draw a cross below and write some of

your sins on it.





ABS 4-37   Hebrews 9:26

What did Christ have to do to pay for manís sin?



ABS 4-38   Hebrews 6:4-6

Is it possible for sins today to crucify

Jesus all over again?                                        Yes        No


What are your sins doing to Christ

even now?



Do your sins make God grieve?                       Yes        No


Do your sins grieve you?                                  Yes        No


Why do your sins grieve you?


Letís Pray

ABS 4-39   II Peter 3:9

Is God patient with you?                                   Yes        No


Does God want you to perish?                         Yes        No


Does God want you to repent?                        Yes        No


ABS 4-40   I Timothy 1:15

What kind of people did Jesus come into the

world to save? _______________________


Will you be saved if you die without

being forgiven of the sins you wrote

on the cross?                                                     Yes        No


How would you repent of the sins you wrote

on the cross? ______________________



Give an example of your repentance:



How would you feel if all your sins

were blotted out and you began

to live for Christ?___________________




ABS 4-41   Matthew 10:32-33;

Romans 10:9-10

Will you be saved if you do not

confess before others that you

believe Jesus is Godís Son?                            Yes        No


ABS 4-42   Matthew 16:15-17

What did Peter do that pleased Jesus?



Will Christ be pleased today

if you make the same confession?                  Yes        No


ABS 4-43   Luke 12:8-9

In addition to belief, love, and repentance,

is it Godís will that you confess Christ?           Yes        No


Will you confess today that you believe

Jesus is the Son of God?                                 Yes        No


Can you be saved by only believing?             Yes        No


Can you be saved by only repenting?            Yes        No


Can you be saved by only confessing?          Yes        No

Letís Pray




ABS 4-44   Mark 16:15-16

What is promised to those who believe

and are baptized?



Does obedience to God include

baptism to be saved?                                        Yes        No


Did Jesus personally command men

to believe and be baptized to be saved?        Yes        No


According to Jesus is one saved

before or after one is baptized? _______


ABS 4-45   John 3:5

Is one born again of the Spirit only?                Yes        No


Can you be saved if you are not baptized

according to the Bible?                                     Yes        No


ABS 4-46   Matthew 28:18-20

Must you become a disciple of

Jesus Christ before you are baptized?           Yes        No


In whose name (by what authority)

are disciples to be baptized?



Must you continue to learn from and obey

Jesus as a disciple after you are baptized?   Yes        No


Are you taught to observe only some of the

most important things that Jesus

commanded you to obey?                                Yes        No


Did Jesus say that you could observe part

of His will and still please Him?                        Yes        No


How much of Godís will do you plan to do

in your life? ________________________


ABS 4-47   Acts 2:36-41

Did the preacher (Peter) command the

people to repent and be baptized?                  Yes        No


<>Did about 3,000 Jews gladly accept the
Word of God and obey the command to
and be baptized?                                    Yes        No


Were their sins forgiven after they were

baptized?                                                            Yes        No


Will you obey the Gospel of Christ and be

baptized for the forgiveness of your sins?      Yes        No

Letís Pray


ABS 4-48   Acts 22:16

Was Saul (Paul) commanded to be

baptized to have his sins washed away?       Yes        No


Is being immersed in water the way one

ďcalls upon the name of the LordĒ

for salvation?                                                      Yes        No


ABS 4-49   II Timothy 2:10;

Galatians 3:26-27

Can a person be saved outside of Christ?     Yes        No


How does a person get into Christ?



Does the Scripture say you must put

on Christ or clothed yourself with Him?           Yes        No


How does one put on Christ?



When does a person become a child of

God by faith?



ABS 4-50   Romans 6:3-4; John 19:33-34;

Revelation 1:5

Is the biblical form of baptism a

burial, pouring, or sprinkling of water

on the body? _____________________


Was the blood of Christ shed at His death

on the cross?                                                     Yes        No


What does the blood of Jesus do for us?



When does the blood of Jesus wash

away our sins?



Is there a new life after you are baptized?      Yes        No


ABS 4-51   Acts 8:35-39

Did the preacher teach the Ethiopian

about Christ?                                                      Yes        No


When they came to some water what

did the Ethiopian ask the preacher?



Why did the Ethiopian desire to

be baptized?



Was the eunuch buried in the water

(baptized) after he confessed that

Jesus was the Son of God?                             Yes        No


ABS 4-52   I Peter 3:18-22

Did Christ die for our sins to bring us

to God?                                                               Yes        No


Were there 8 souls saved by water

in Noahís ark?                                                    Yes        No


Will baptism now save you?                             Yes        No


ABS 4-53   Acts 2:38, 41, 47

Where has the Lord placed the saved?



Is it Godís will for the Lord to add you

to His church?                                                    Yes        No


What must you do for the Lord to add

you to His church? _________________


ABS 4-54   1 Peter 3:20-21;

Ephesians 4:4-6; 1:22-23

How many arks did God have when Noah

and his family were saved? __________


Did Noahís family have to be inside

the ark to have salvation?                                 Yes        No


How many bodies does God have today?



What is the one body according

to the Bible? ______________________


Must you be in Godís one body

(the church) to be saved?                                 Yes        No


Does God have only one faith today?             Yes        No


Does God have only one baptism today?      Yes        No





Becoming A New Testament Christian

and Disciple of Jesus Christ




ABS WK 4-1

Does God call a person to be saved

through the Gospel of Christ?                          Yes        No


How do you know that you are now

being called by God for salvation?



Will you have the abundant life if you

do not heed the call of the Word of

God and be saved?                                           Yes        No




ABS WK 4-2

Is it the will of God that you believe in

the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel?          Yes        No




ABS WK 4-3

Do you love God and His Son if you

do not obey His Word?                                     Yes        No




ABS WK 4-4

Is It Godís will that you hear and believe

the Gospel, love God, and repent of

your sins?                                                           Yes        No




ABS WK 4-5

Is it Godís will that you confess before

others that you believe Jesus is the

Son of God?                                                       Yes        No




ABS WK 4-6

Is it Godís will that you believe, love God,

repent, confess Christ, and be baptized

according to the Scriptures?                             Yes        No


Will God be pleased if you are baptized

in a different way or for a different

purpose than you read about in the Bible?     Yes        No


Do you want to go to heaven?                         Yes        No



Letís Pray


A Bible Study


Part 5: The New Testament Church


ABS 5-1   Ephesians 1:3

Are all spiritual blessing in Christ?                   Yes        No


ABS 5-2   Galatians 3:26-27

How does one get into Christ so as to have

all spiritual blessings? _________________


ABS 5-3   Matthew 16:18-19; Colossians 1:13

Did Christ say He would build many

churches?                                                           Yes        No


Have religious men built many

denominations?                                                 Yes        No


In verse 19 the church is called the



Does God translate us into the kingdom?       Yes        No


ABS 5-4   Ephesians 4:3-6

Does God want unity for our lives?                  Yes        No


Is there one body, one Spirit,

and one hope?                                                  Yes        No


Is there one Lord and one God?                      Yes        No


Is there one faith and one baptism?                Yes        No


How many faiths do religious men have?



ABS 5-5   Ephesians 1:22-23

Is Christ the head of His body?                        Yes        No


In verse 23 the church is called the



Is the body, the church, and the kingdom

the same?                                                           Yes        No


Since there is only one body and the

church is that body, how many churches

does Christ have? __________________.


How many churches do religious men have?



ABS 5-6   Acts 20:28

Did Jesus purchase the church with

His own blood?                                                  Yes        No


ABS 5-7   Colossians 1:18; Romans 16:16

Is Christ the head of His body?                        Yes        No


Does Jesus have first place in only

one church?                                                       Yes        No


In verse 18 the body is called the



Can the body of Christ be called the

church of Christ?                                               Yes        No


ABS 5-8   Colossians 1:23-24

Does God desire us to be grounded and

steadfast in the Gospel we have heard?        Yes        No


Verse 24 says the body is the ___________.


How many bodies does Christ have? _____.


How many churches does Christ have? _____.


ABS 5-9   Acts 2:47

Does the Lord add the saved to His

one church?                                                       Yes        No


ABS 5-10    Romans 12:4-5

Does the body have only one member?         Yes        No


Do all the members of the church have

the same function (office)?                               Yes        No


ABS 5-11   I Corinthians 12:12-14, 27;

John 18:36

Are we all baptized into one body?                  Yes        No


Is Christís church (kingdom) a physical

building made by the hands of men?              Yes        No


Is the Lordís church (body) a spiritual

kingdom made up of many members

(people)?                                                            Yes        No


ABS 5-12   John 17:20-23

Did Christ pray for His disciples to be one?    Yes        No


ABS 5-13   I Corinthians 1:10-13;

1 Peter 4:11a

Does Christ want His followers to be

divided?                                                              Yes        No


Can the church today avoid divisions

among disciples by speaking the same

thing?                                                                  Yes        No


How can Godís people speak the same



Is it possible for Christians to be of the

same mind and same judgment?                    Yes        No


Do denominational churches in your

community speak the same thing?                  Yes        No


Why not?______________________


ABS 5-14   I Timothy 3:14-15; Hebrews 3:6

How can one know how to conduct

himself in the house of God? _________


Is the church of the living God also called

the house of God?                                             Yes        No


Is the body, the church, the kingdom,

and the house of God one and the same?     Yes        No


How many houses or churches does

God have according to the Scriptures?



Do Christians make up the house of God?     Yes        No


ABS 5-15   I Peter 4:17-18;

2 Thessalonians 1:7-9

Will judgment begin with the house

of God?                                                               Yes        No


 Are the righteous scarcely saved?                 Yes        No


Does God desire all people to obey His

one and only Gospel?                                       Yes        No


What will happen to those who do not

obey the Gospel?___________________






The New Testament Church


ABS WK 5-1

Does Christ have one head and

many bodies?                                                    Yes        No


ABS WK 5-2

Is the body of Christ the same as the

church of Christ?                                               Yes        No


ABS WK 5-3

Did Christ or man build His church? _____


ABS WK 5-4

Can you be saved outside of Christ?              Yes        No


ABS WK 5-5

Can you be saved outside His church?          Yes        No


ABS WK 5-6

Can you read about any denominational

church in the Bible?                                           Yes        No


ABS WK 5-7

Can you read about the churches of Christ

in the Bible?                                                        Yes        No


ABS WK 5-8

Would you like to be a member of the

church you can read about in your Bible?      Yes        No


ABS WK 5-9

Do you want to be saved and one day

go to heaven?                                                    Yes        No                                           


ABS WK 5-10

Are you now ready to be saved by being

buried by baptism into Christ and into

His death so that the blood of the Savior

can wash away all your past sins?                  Yes        No



Letís Pray

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