Elijah The Prophet

The churches of Christ Greet You (Romans


Let us pray…


Dear Holy Father, we come to You now with humbleness


as we lay down before Your powerful throne.


We come to You with boldness, knowing You are our loving Father.


We come to with faith, believing You are having Your way with our life.


We come to You with thankfulness


for the heroes of faith we can read about in the Bible.


We are thankful for Abraham and Moses, for Joseph and Judah,


for Samuel and David, for Jeremiah and Daniel.


Yes, loving Father, we are thankful for Elijah the prophet.


We are thankful for the truths You give us


as we study the lives of Your people of old.


BLESS US all right now


as we study a few of those truths


from the life of Your servant Elijah.


In the Name of the faithful witness,


the first one to rise from death,


and the Ruler of the kings of earth…


by the authority of Jesus we pray.


Let us all say: AMEN!



Table of Contents


1. The Introduction and Historical Setting

2. The Man

3. The Message

4. The Testing By The Brook – 1

5. The Testing By The Brook – 2

6. The Widow – Sent To

7. The Widow – Fed By

8. The Widow – Son Raised

9. The Battle At Carmel – 1

10. The Battle At Carmel – 2

11. The Battle At Carmel – 3

12. The Battle At Carmel – 4

13. The Battle At Carmel – 5

14. The Battle At Carmel – 6

15. The Vulnerability Of Victory

16. The Crisis

17. The Restoration

18. The Mantle

19. The Translation – 1

20. The Translation – 2

The Summary (1-8)

The Summary (9-14)

The Summary (15-20)




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