The churches of Christ Greet You (Romans 16:16)

1.  As Christians we should never major in minors - i.e., problems, trials, sicknesses, etc.
     a.  We should always be looking for the things that are important...
     b.  the things that really matter in life.
2.  In this lesson
     a.  we desire to share with you
     b.  several of the things that God has revealed to be of major importance.
          1.  If they are of major importance to God,
          2.  then so should they be to us. Amen!

I.  Love

1.  1 Cor. 13:13   There remains three great virtues -
     a.  Faith, hope, and love -
     b.  the greatest or supreme virtue is love.
2.  Brethren, is there any bitterness and hate,
     a.  bickering and strife going on in this congregation?
     b.  If so, it needs to stop right now.
          1.  It needs to stop because it is impossible for a heart filled with love
          2.  to entertain bitterness, hate, bickering, and strife.
3.  Those who love each other do not engage in such things.
     a.  Such emotions have no place either in the heart or life of those disciples
     b.  who are following the loving Son of God as their example.
4.  When our hearts are permitted to overflow with love for God
     a.  and for His children
     b.  all envy, strife, and bitterness vanish into forgetfulness.
5.  Matt. 22:37-40   The two greatest commands...
     a.  Love God with H, S, M, S
     b.  and love neighbor like self.
6.  1 John 4:8  God is love, so those who don’t love don’t know God.
7.  John 3:16  God loves us, and He has shown us how much He loves us.
8.  Rom. 13:8   The only thing we are required to owe anyone is LOVE.
     a.  This love is not in word only!
     b.  We must SHOW our love through service (Gal. 5:6, 13).
9.  We owe a full measure of service to our brethren
     a.  and to the people of the world around us (Read Gal. 6:10).
     b.  We owe a full measure of service to the fatherless and the widow (James 1:27),
          1.  and to all who are lost (Mark 16:15-16).
          2.  It is our duty to be kind, cheerful, considerate, forgiving and merciful.
10.  Paul confessed himself debtor to all men (Rom. 1:14),
     a.  and so are we.
     b.  We must never forget this.
11. John 13:34-35  When people see our love for each other
     a.  they will know that we are God’s disciples.
     b.  Sing song, “We Are One In The Spirit.”
          1.  Pray that our unity will one day be restored.
          2.  Walk with each other...And together we’ll spread the news...
          3.  Praise to the Father..Praise to Christ Jesus...Praise to the Spirit...
12. Beware: Because the influence of sin is so strong, the love of many people will grow cold!

II.  Spread The Word (Our Job)

1.  What is the job of a Christian?
     a.  As you think about that, let’s ask a more personal question: What is your job?
     b.  Each of us have a job to do.
2.  Depending on what we consider to be “our job,”
     a.  will decide for us rather or not our job is a minor thing
     b.  that we should not major in.
3.  There is ONE major job of importance
     a.  that God has given those who call themselves His people,
     b.  His servants, His children - Christians.
4.  God owns us, He’s hired us, He’s bought us, He’s told us
     a.  to go to every ethnic culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
     b.  GO Preach The Word To All Nations - that’s our job (Matt. 28:18-20).
     c.  That’s the job of every Christian.  Do you agree with that?
5.  Isa. 55:11 God has a purpose that can only be accomplished through the hearing of His word.
6.  2 Tim. 2:2 We are to teach faithful souls like you, so you can teach others, and they likewise.
7.  We are God’s servants.
     a.  We serve by spreading the Word.
     b.  There are many ways to serve and spread God’s word...
     c.  just use your imagination (put tracts in bills, banks, supermarkets, toilets, etc.).
8.  The important thing is not how you do it, but THAT you DO IT.
     a.  Spreading the word should be the major job in your life.
     b.  Military officer, bank president, janitor, school teacher, etc.
     c.  are all minor jobs in which we should not major.
9.  To be pleasing to God as a good soldier, “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the
                    affairs of this life” (2 Tim. 2:4).
10. Please don’t misunderstand; your jobs are important.
     a.  They have been given to you by God
     b.  to help provide the physical things you need and desire.
          1.  However, the physical aspect of your job
          2.  is what puts it in the class of minor things...
          3.  most jobs are suited and being used mainly for physical things.
11. Christians are to seek the things that are above (Col. 3:1-4),
     a.  for “the way of life is above to the wise” (Prov. 15:24).
     b.  Spiritual things are the major things in life (Rom. 8:6).
          1.  The words of God are spirit and life (John 6:63).
          2.  Our job is to spread “the words of eternal life” (John 6:68).

III.  Pray Always

1.  Luke 18:1-8  Pray always.
2.  1 Thess. 5:17-18  Give thanks to God for all things (unceasingly).
     a.  We can pray without ceasing by the life we live...
     b.  a life which is pleasing and thankful to God.
3.  1 John 5:14-15  Ask IAW God’s will and you’ll have what you ask for.
     a.  Do you really believe this passage?
     b.  Prayer is a part of our worship to God.
     c.  Worship is another major thing in the eyes of God.
4.  If you are not already doing so,
     a.  you should begin a prayer meeting in your home or at your church building
     b.  at least one evening during the week.
5.  We are encouraging and pleading with each member of the church
     a.  to come and pray together and bring your prayer request.
     b.  You can list the request on a chalk board
     c.  and then pray together for God’s will to be done concerning the request.
6.  Brethren, we know this may mean
     a.  you have to make another commitment
     b.  on another day beside Sunday.
7.  But, loved ones, it will be well worth every second you spend
     a.  and every effort you make to come together for an hour or two of prayer.
     b.  You will witness God’s power working through prayer
     c.  in a way you may never get to experience if you refuse this commitment.

IV.  Faith vs Unbelief

1.  Heb. 12:1  UNBELIEF is the snaring or besetting sin.
2.   The Jews are examples of unbelief (Read Heb. 4:2, 6, 11).
     a.  Because of their unbelief they were broken off from God’s olive tree (Rom. 11:20-24).
     b.  The disciples of Christ could not heal a boy by casting out his demon
     c.  because of their unbelief (Matt. 17:14-21).
3.  Jesus did not do many miracles in His home town of Nazareth
     a.  because of their unbelief (Matt. 13:53-58).
     b.  Many of the Jewish people saw the miracles done by Christ, “yet they believed not on him”
                    (John 12:37).
4.  Heb. 11:6  Unbelief will never be pleasing to God.
     a.  He that does not believe the Son shall not see life (John 3:36).
     b.  Unbelievers will die in their sins (John 8:24).
     c.  The Hebrew writer warns us to “take heed, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of
                    unbelief, in departing from the living God” (Heb. 3:12).
5.  Rom. 1:16  The word is the power to save a believer
     a.  (we are saved through faith - Eph. 2:8; cf. Rom. 10:17).
     b.  Many people are NOT saved. Why? Because they don’t believe the word.
6.  They don’t believe because they have not heard (heeded) the word (Rom. 10:17).
     a.  We therefore must be diligent in our study of the word (2 Tim 2:15).
     b.  Then the snare of unbelief will go away from us.
7.  You will know that you are a believer when you find yourself obeying God’s word.

V. Vision

1.  Prov. 29:18 (cf. Isa. 28:7)  Many are perishing due to lack of vision (revelation).
2.  Every Christian must have vision.
     a.  We must look ahead to see what we want for our own life and our children’s lives.
     b.  We must look ahead to see what we want for the church.
     c.  We must look ahead to see what God’s will is.
3.  Phil. 3:12-14  Forget what’s behind and press on...
     a.  Don’t get hung up in the past, i.e., past accomplishments, past sins, etc.
     b.  Don’t worry about the present.
     c.  Keep looking toward the future and the goal.

VI.  Patience

1.  1 Cor. 13:4 Love is patient.
2.  Rom. 5:1-5 Trials lead to patience.
3.  James 1:2-4 Therefore, rejoice in trials.

VII.  Children

1.  Matt. 18:3-4   You must be converted.
     a.  You know you are converted when you become like a little child.
     b.  Children are innocent, pure, trusting, loving, humble (they have no PRIDE).
2.  Read Matt. 19:13-14  Always bring the children to Jesus.
     a.  For of such is the kingdom of heaven.
     b.  When you receive a child, you receive Jesus and the Father (Mark 9:36-37).

VIII.  Humility

1.  2 Chron. 7:14  If God’s people will humble themselves, pray, seek God, and turn from sin -
     a.  then God will hear their prayer, forgive their sin,
     b.  and heal their land.
2.  Job 22:29  Only the humble will be saved.
     a.  We therefore must humble ourselves.
     b.  God gives His grace only to the humble (James 4:6-10).
3.  Prov. 22:4  By humility and fear of the Lord comes riches, honor, and life!
     a.  The humble person will be lifted up (Matt. 23:12 or exalted James 4:10).
     b.  The wise child of God will therefore be clothed with humility.
     c.  God will exalt you in due time (1 Pet. 5:5-6).
             1.  Oba. 3  The pride of your heart deceives you.
             2.  Pride will be the downfall of many (1 John 2:15-17).

IX.  Don’t Be Partial

1.  Acts 10:34-35  God accepts all who do what is right.
     a.  It matters not what race or color we are.
     b.  We should not be prejudice or do anything by partiality (1 Tim. 5:21).
     c.  God’s wisdom knows no partiality. (James 3:17).
2.  James 2:1-4  Show no respect of persons.
     a.  Don’t put any people above any other people
     b.  due to age, sex, weight, education, economic status, etc.

X.  Don’t Fear Man

1.  Matt. 10:28-31 The most man can do is kill your body.
     a.  FEAR GOD who can send your soul and body to hell.
     b.  God gives His people the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind - not fear (2 Tim. 1:7).
2.  Heb. 13:5-6   We should not fear man because God will not leave or forsake us.
     a.  He will be our helper,
     b.  so why should we fear what man can do to us.
3.  1 John 4:17-18  There is no fear in love;
     a.  mature (perfect) love drives away fear
     b.  Rev. 2:10  Fear none of the things you will suffer.  Be faithful unto death.


1.  Loved ones, love, spreading the Word, prayer, faith, vision, patience
     a.  children, humility, no partiality, no fear of man are important to God.
     b.  We hope they are important to you.
2.  The lesson is yours.

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