Lessons for Spiritual Growth


The churches of Christ Greet You (Romans 16:16)



Let us pray…


Holy Father, our God in Heaven,


it’s so good to be able to humble ourselves


and let our request be made known to You.


We are so thankful that we are the sheep of Your pasture


and the servants of the King.


We give ourselves wholly over to You in simple faith and trust.


We know You will allow only the best for us to come into our lives.


Each day, as we get closer to the grave,


we look forward to the hope laid up for us.


May that blessed hope soon become a reality


as we lay down our armor and rest eternally in Your presence.


Bless us to grow more and more into the likeness of Your Dear Son


and our Savior Jesus the Christ.


Bless us to devote a sincere effort to learn Your will and teach it to others.


We are thankful that You love us,


and we ask You to help us love as You love.




by the authority of Jesus we pray.


Let us all say: AMEN!

** Lessons of Great Importance




A Revival


Come Let Us Reason Together **

Do Not Be Deceived **

Earnestly Contending For The Faith

Elijah The Prophet **


Faith Makes The Difference

Giving To The Lord

God's Plan Of Salvation To Man

Growing Through Prayer **

How The Bible Is Organized

How To Be Just A Christian **


How To Be Saved From Death


How To Grow Spiritually

How We Show Our Love For God


How To Be An Evangelist

In The Beginning GOD

Jesus Christ - The Heart Of The New Testament


Let Us Have Grace


Living The Good Life


Looking For A City **

Marks Of A Good Invitation

Marriage And The Christian Home 

Modest Dress


One Another Relationships

Overcoming Worldly Fear


Preaching/Teaching Outlines

Real Fellowship In Christ

Refining Silver **


Restored Christianity

Soldiers Of Christ Arise

Ten Big Things

The Christian And His Work **

The Christian Husband

The Fruit Of The Spirit  

The Fruits Of Repentance

The Greatest Secret To Success **

The Purpose Of The Bible 


The Significance of the Resurrection of Jesus

The Sin Of Murmuring


How To Become A Citizen In The Kingdom

The Thoughts Of The Mind

The Third Day

The Value Of The Soul **

The Will Of God

Wait For God 


Who Are We?


Whom Do We Follow?


Why Don't I Feel Like I'm Saved?


Why We Must Preach The Gospel





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