Teaching/Preaching Outlines


The churches of Christ Greet You (Romans 16:16


Let us pray...


Holy and Just God, our Father in Heaven…


We come to You again with humble hearts and thankful spirits.


We are so thankful that You have given Your Word


to Your weak but obedient servants.


We are so thankful for the power in Gospel.


We ask You now to give us all more understanding and wisdom


as we study and teach the below lessons.


In the precious Name of the Light of the world…


by the authority of Jesus we pray.


Let us all say: AMEN!




What Is The Christian Life?

The Strength Of
The Church

How To Kill
A Church

If I Were A Teen-ager Again


The Walk Of A Christian

Happy New Year

 Don't Get Drunk

Don't Look Back

Don't Waste Time


Our Freedom In Christ

Follow After Things Which
Make For Peace

Take Heed Lest Ye Fall

The Deity Of Jesus

Clothed With Humility

Honor The Son




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