The Necessity Of Having Divine Authority

The churches of Christ Greet You (Romans 16:16)



Let us pray…


Father, we ask you now to bless those reading or hearing this article.

Bless them with understanding and give them wisdom.

May they each gain the knowledge and have the faith necessary

to live the true Christian life as you would have us to.

We are thankful for your Word.

We are thankful, dear God, for this avenue of the Internet

which allows us to spread your Word all over the world

in keeping with your great commission.

We are thankful for Jesus, your Son and our Savior.

We are thankful for the life He lived and the death He died for our sins.

We are thankful that you brought Him back from the grave to live forever more.

We are thankful for the promise of His second coming.

We are thankful that we can now live through Him.

We love and give you the Glory dear God.

In the name of the One who is, who was, and who will be…


by the authority of Jesus we pray. 


Let us all say: AMEN!



Read Text: Acts 4:5-12

1. There is A Crisis of Authority

2. Why is There a Need for Divine Authority?

3. The Word of God is Our Only True Authority
4. The Lord and Savior Has All Authority

5. God Has A Chain of Authority

6. Generic and Specific Authority

7. A "Thus Saith The Lord" is Needed
8. The New Testament is God's Final Authority




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